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Why should i do it?

Many of us have our reasons for choosing to live in Australia, whether it is for work, family or simply for a better life. Australia’s five major cities are in the top 30 most liveable countries in the world, with Melbourne at #2 and Sydney at #5. Becoming a resident in Australia enables you to gain access to the national healthcare scheme, Medicare, and working in Australia will become easier once you gain residency status.

How can i do it?

My Visa Options can help you determine the right pathway towards a residency status, and even a citizenship. This depends on your background – professional and personal – and your reasons for staying in Australia. Our agents have experienced the same process and have helped countless others through this journey, and we are excited to help you with yours.

We offer to help with the following areas:

  • Pre-arrival and pre-application advice on the proper documentation and requirements for residency status

  • Thorough examination of your application and documentation to ensure a higher chance of obtaining residency status

  • Assistance in visa appeals with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for migration purposes


My Visa Options can help you find the right pathway to help you achieve your goals in Australia.

Our registered migration agents are happy to chat with you to determine where you want to go and how you can get there. We specialise in a variety of courses and fields, so make sure to chat with our agents to learn more.